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mercoledì 27 agosto 2014

Rest Day!! How important it is!

Hi there!
Rest day, for me, today!
After a couple of good workouts it is time to let muscles stop from training and get rhe deserved rest.
I used to train 5-6 days/week in the past months and though I read almost everywhere that doing too mich is too much, I still needed to do that more!
Now I want to be patient, respect my body and mind and as I am enjoying my iperlipidic and iperproteic & ipoglucidic diet, I need to do everything possible by limiting eventual stressing factors of the multitasking daily routine.
Sometimes we reach a plateau in our diet/workout programme. Stress produces cortisol that might be no. 1 reason why we are not having any results even if we stick to our diet. Cortisol could ruin everything!
So, becoming to be aware of our weak-points and change our bad attitudes and behaviours before they start ruining our hard work is the most important thing to do!

Having my good cup of Urtica Dioica (roots)! 😊 

Have a nice evening you all!!!