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lunedì 18 agosto 2014


Hi there, seems like today is the right day to start this diet seriously! Thought I've tried a lot of different diets and I can confirm (after having tested) which is the right one to choose and follow if you want to keep yourself on the right side of the "healthy eating" and "healthy life", now I need to test this one! We all know that we should never constrain ourselves to do things we are not that naturally willing to do but, through the efforts done in the past while attempting to stay focused on diets I followed I also learned that sometimes we do things 'naturally' just because we always did and not because we really choose to do them. It's very important to understand this key point! What we call "choices" are not that personal, nor ours! Our minds are so manipulated and wrongly stimulated, sometimes that we might think to have taken a decision by ourselves but we didn't! So, don't want to make it that long but I will start this new diet based on the fact that I really want to "manipulate" my shape somehow, the way I love and I will personally tell you if it is working or not through the days. Keep in touch! Michela