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martedì 19 agosto 2014

40 mins work-out/when the gym is closed...

Yesterday I had a bad surprise: I was ready to work hard on the gym with my new workout but discovered, once in front of the entry that it was still closed!!
Got home, decided to run (55 mins) and while running I elaborated this workout:

Circuit training (5x5) of each:

Push up 5 reps+
Retro+lateral lunge 5 reps+
Trazioni presa inversa 5 reps+
Step up 5 reps+
Plank 1 min con gambe alternate+

+ 300 jumps at the jumping rope+
Alzate spalle 5 reps+
Hip thrusts gamba alz 5 reps+
Row indietro 5 reps+
Squats 5 reps+
Plank laterale 1 min tot+

+ 300 jumps at the jumping rope.

The whole workout took me less than 40 mins...and it would have been much more effective if I had heavier weights at home, or, at list some alternatives...but I guess is a very good workout, done with correct weights!
So, here we are: 2nd day!! 

Cheers guys!