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giovedì 28 agosto 2014

The way you change your plates

Thanks to Metabolic Diet I'm getting used in thinking in a different way.
The portion of each macronutrient is completely different compared to the Mediterranean Diet.
Here Carbs are very low (30 gr/die), fat are very high (only the good one) and protein are higher than what is normally recommended.
No recepie, here has these macros combined in the just said quantity.
That might be complicated but, in the reality what generates is a renewed will of experimenting new combination of food and I am feeling really challenged about it and am succeding in it!! :)
See this little snack I prepared for tomorrow!

Blueberries 80 gr
Carnivor Beef Protein 19 gr.
Whipped Cream 15 gr

A total of 180 kcal
Good fats, a portion of protein and a bit of sugar

This will help me in my workout at the gym tomorrow

What do you think of it?