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venerdì 22 agosto 2014

Dispersing - blooming Bath Oil

Hello again!
When you have to fight against fat and water retention, there's no miracle potion out there, only imaginary-life-saver-products with their enchanting packages, attractive smells but very poor natural and efficient ingredients! What we can do to save our money and love ourselves a bit more is to try to make our own products and controlling the origin of each ingredient used, for our safety.
A sinergic work is recommended to get some results.
It is no secret that being focused on our goals helps us being more mentally involved in the process of our personal success. If we don't have the goal in our mind, then it is pretty easy to loose concentration.
So, after having used my scrub I can also  try this bath oil who is enriched with healthy ingredients.
Here is the list (in case you wanna try to do it on your own):
Sunflower oil gr. 73
Caprylyl/capryl glucoside (emulsifier) gr. 20
Betula Alba extract gr. 5
Essential olis (grapefruit, sweet orange, lemongrass, rosehip, eucalipt) 
And here is the result...