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giovedì 4 settembre 2014

Emergency workout plan

Hi there!
Unlucky day, today, for me! 
Did not make in going to the gym but I decided not to skip my daily workout and go with the b-plan creating my workout at home with what I have...

Check this out:

150 jumps at the skip rope


Hip extensions on 4 - till failure (60 reps)
Standing hip extensions 60 reps
Straight leg dead lifts 50 reps w/5 kilos dumbbell/hand
Bridges 50 reps
Squats (ass to the grass) 50 reps w/dumbbells 5 kilos/hand

1st time - right leg only
2nd time - left leg only
3rd time - right leg followed by left leg (for the 1st two exercises)

Jumping rope - 150 jumps

Total workout in 40 mins

I repeat, this was not my daily routine workout, but I don't have heavy weight at home so had to do high reps per exercise, this time!