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venerdì 12 settembre 2014

Learn to create a meal with what you have!

Nowadays, life is so damn full of thinks to do, multitasking is not an option, but a must.
We ain't got that much time to take care of ouselves. Sometimes we even ain't got time to go to the supermarket!

Tonight I felt really full of energy and it is the 2nd week of metabolic diet with low daily carbs intake! 
So, reasons for this energy could be the re-entry of Alcalin-oti (calcium, magnesium, potassium, bicarbonate) in my diet and the use of protein beef powder for today'snacks!

I literally kicked ass in the gym tonight!

Here's my dinner!

Shirataki 150 gr (rehydratated pasta)
Spices (black pepper, mango powder)
Evo oil

Tasted really good! Again, low carbs, high fibers!