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lunedì 1 settembre 2014

Listen to the signals

Ok, so had 1st weekend with the goal of recharging cho but failed!
I have two things that might have negatively influenced the proof-of-the-scale moment.
One is that I was in my period, the first and worst days, the second is my mistake: had too much total Cho!
So % of macro this time should have been like Cho 35-50% Pro 15-20% Fat 25-40%
So, apparently I kept my diet in those parameters but, total kcal of Cho were too much by the end of the day.
The suggestion was 135-140 gr
I took 190-220 gr instead!!
So, while I should have been ok, I found myself boubcing back to + 3 kilos!
And that's really frustrating but, I'm already back to the week regimen and I know I'll be fine in a couple of days!
What I learned is that I need a plan, also for those weekends, otherwise I'll surely do the same mistakes again!
Gotta be focused and try to select from those Cho I would love to eat me on those days and pick them up one by one and try to observe the reaction of my body after have eaten them!
So, more consciousness, more focused, less distracted by freedom sensation!
Keep in touch, friends!
1st day of the second turn of testing period.

'Night folks!